Frontier Media Coverage 2015

Date Publication Link to Article
18 Sept 2015 Mining Weekly Hi-tech Mintek mints mine miFrontier Rare Earths remains upbeat on sector, considering TSX delisting
15 June 2015 Business Day Live Hi-tech Mintek mints mine mineral profits
25 May 2015 InvestorIntel Mackowski on Innovation and/or Revolutionary RE Technology
13 May 2015 InvestorIntel Frontier Rare Earths positioned to be the next major REE producer outside of China?
12 May 2015 RE Investing News Frontier Rare Earths up over 15pc on Zandkopsdrift PFS
27 Mar 2015 Stockhouse T.FRO 19 cents & rare earths on CBS 60 minutes
23 Mar 2015 RE Investing News Companies Gain Following Rare Earths Report on 60 Minutes
10 Feb 2015 Financial Times Africa’s role in addressing China’s dominance of rare earths
29 Jan 2015 Asian Metal Bottoming prices and policy uncertainty in REE market keep opportunities open for production outside of China

Frontier Media Coverage 2014

Date Publication Link to Article
15 Oct 2014 Mining Weekly Africa’s Rare Earths Sector – Frontier at the Forefront
6 Oct 2014 INN TSX Top 5: Petaquilla Minerals, Namibia Rare Earths Top Gainers
22 Jul 2014 3 Rare Earth Projects Investors Need to Know
9 May 2014 Mining Weekly Two South African Rare Earths Project Developers Advance Studies
8 Apr 2014 The Gold Report Zachary Schumacher’s State of the Rare Earths Address
13 Mar 2014 InvestorIntel Frontier’s James Kenny debunks the major rare earth industry debates
28 Feb 2014 InvestorIntel Luisa Moreno on the State of the Rare Earth Market and her ‘Super Seven’
25 Feb 2014 Investors Line Up North American Rare Earth Juniors
20 Feb 2014 Industrial Minerals Partnerships are no Shield Against Rare Earths Ructions, says Frontier
13 Feb 2014 InvestorIntel Rare Earth Leader Frontier Rare Earths on Track to Deliver PFS in 2014
11 Feb 2014 The Gold Report Ryan Castilloux: Sorting Reality from Hype in the Crowded Rare Earth Industry

Frontier Media Coverage 2013

Date Publication Link to Article
21 Nov 2013 InvestorIntel How one country’s quest for REE Sustainability led past Milton Friedman to SA
07 Nov 2013 InvestorIntel Breaking the Lonsdaleite Ceiling: Women in the REE Industry
01 Nov 2013 Mining Weekly China’s Potential REE Exports Capping to have no Short-Term Effect
14 Oct 2013 RE Investing News Frontier says Improved Flow Sheet will Command Higher Prices
11 Oct 2013 Mining Weekly Frontier’s Prefeas Delayed for Testing Process Improvements
09 Oct 2013 Stockhouse 40 cent (T.FRO) trades below $39m in cash
14 Aug 2013 InvestorIntel Frontier Rare Earths Well-Funded and Debt Free as it heads towards PFS
01 Aug 2013 Proactive Investors Tide Expected to Turn in Frontier Rare Earths’ Favour, says CEO
18 Jul 2013 Financial Times Africa’s Rare Earths Opportunity
09 Jul 2013 The Gold Report A Radical Solution for the Rare Earth Supply Crunch: Jack Lifton
03 Jul 2013 Business Day Live Kicking Rare Earth Into World’s Eyes
17 May 2013 Mining Weekly Critical Alternative Rare Earths Sources still Not Secured
30 Apr 2013 The Gold Report Luisa Moreno: Brace Yourself for 3 More Yrs of Heavy Rare Earth Shortages
10 Apr 2013 InvestorIntel Frontier Rare Earths Secures Significant End User Agreement
26 Mar 2013 The Gold Report Four Billion Reasons REEs and Graphite will Make you Money: Chris Berry
25 Mar 2013 Proactive Investors Frontier now Expects PFS for ZKD in Q3; Most Work Required Now Complete
17 Mar 2013 InvestorIntel The Rare Earth Space ‘A Culling of the Herd and the Survivors’
07 Mar 2013 Proactive Investors Frontier Buy Back More Shares Armed with $51 mill and Strategic Offtake
07 Mar 2013 Mining Weekly Geologies, Tight Financing Markets Set Apart Global Rare Earths Projects
04 Mar 2013 Wall Street Journal Mining Firms Discover Old-Timers can be Worth their Weight in Gold
18 Feb 2013 RE Investing News Africa: The Next Rare Earth Frontier?
14 Feb 2013 Proactive Investors “Severely undervalued” stock, stands out from peers says CFO
11 Feb 2013 Speciality Chemicals A Rare Thing Indeed
06 Feb 2013 Engineering News Northern Cape Desalination Plant Feasibility Study Kicks Off
05 Feb 2013 ProEdgeWire Critical Minerals Weekly Review: The Erosion of China’s Monopoly Begins
25 Jan 2013 Mining Weekly Minerals Explorer Hopes to Promote Rare Earths Project
08 Jan 2013 Proactive Investors
Frontier Rare Earths Shares Rise as Zandkopsdrift PFS Expected this Quarter
02 Jan 2013 ProEdgeWire Vulture Stock Alert: Rare Earths an Appetizing Treat for 2013

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