Members of the Frontier management team will be attending the following events.
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11 – 13 November 2014

10th International Rare Earth Conference – Singapore

As proud sponsors of this prestigious event, Frontier Rare Earths is pleased to confirm that Mr James Kenny, CEO will be presenting at the upcoming Metal-Events 10th International Rare Earth Conference

To celebrate Metal Events Ltd’s 10th International Rare Earth Conference this premier industry event is moving to Singapore. The conference will take place at the Shangri-La Hotel during 11-13 November 2014.

The change in location also reflects the latest developments in the rare earth market; with the emergence of Lynas Corporation and Molycorp Inc supply is shifting and China is no longer the only misn supplier of rare earth.

In 2011 China controlled 95 percent of the rare earth market and was limiting exports and placing restrictive taxes on their sale, causing prices to soar. However since then supplies from outside China have now increased, and this trend should continue as more viable projects come on stream in the coming years.

1 – 5 December 2014

Mines and Money – London

This annual event delivers market insight and perspective with the world’s leading investors and mining entrepreneurs


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